Admissions Counselors

Sean Corser

M.Div. Last Name A-L

Call/Text: (502) 822-2435

Coy Raiford

M.Div. Last Name L-Z

Call/Text: (502) 804-2979

Carrie Campbell

M.A. & Diploma

Call/Text: (502) 890-9243

Dylan Baxter


Call/Text: (502) 890-9294

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Admissions Staff

Jeremy Pelton

Director of Admissions

Aaron Burkhart

Associate Director of Admissions

Lucas Hahn

Associate Director of Admissions for Boyce College

Kristin Ellis

Assistant Director of Visit Experience

Ed Stucky

Associate Director of Recruitment

Sam Anderson

Coordinator of Enrollment & Analytics

Ashley Davidson

Coordinator of Applications & Enrollment

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