Estimated Costs

Theological education is an investment with eternal returns.


Non-SBC Cost Per Credit Hour

Members of non-SBC churches receive this tuition rate.


Tuition Reduction for SBC Students

The Convention’s Cooperative Program helps fund SBC students’ tuition.


SBC Cost Per Credit Hour

Members of SBC churches receive this reduced tuition rate.

2017-18 Estimated Costs for SBC Students
Tuition: $309 x 9 = $2,781
Fees: $326 = $326
Books: $125 x 3(classes) = $375
SBTS Scholarship: ~($500)* = ($500)
Total per semester: = $2,982
Total per Year: = $5,964

View the 2018-2019 fee chart for all Southern Seminary programs here.

All costs are reflective of the SBC rate of tuition and are to be understood as estimates only. Tuition charges will vary based on the amount of courses taken per semester and book costs will vary by course.

*SBTS Scholarships are based on financial need and are subject to approval.

The financial aid office will assist you in financing your education by offering institutional scholarships, connecting you with outside sources of aid, and answering questions about the financial aid process.

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